Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cricut Storage

Still Hoping Across the 50 I see..... Well, good! I have an awesome project I just couldn't wait to show you gals!
I absolutely LOVE this new storage container I just bought for my Cricut Carts. In keeping with some of our favorite projects, I saw this idea and added my own touch to it. I bought these amazing VHS containers that hold 20 VHS tapes at a thrift store for $2! I immediately knew I wanted to make file folders to make it easier for me to find my carts. I have 52 carts and sometimes it can get tough to find specific ones. I saw the idea for the file folders and "ding" went the lightbulb. This was perfect size, and since I bought 2 I can always expand in the future. Right now it houses my carts as well. Which is perfect.

I took a permanent marker and wrote on the tops what each cart was, then quickly whipped up this little plastic canvas divider. It keeps all the carts from moving around and falling over. The pink container I bought at Walmart for $2 as well. It will hold 50 carts (more if you don't use the divider). I cut the file folders out of "From My Kitchen" cartridge. I used Q,W, & E. Then I took small round letter stickers and adhered one to each. Easy! This took me less than an hour to complete. Eventually I want to make a cut from each cart and add it to the appropriate file folder to decorate them.
This is a really easy project that took me less than a few hours to complete and makes finding my carts much easier! I can't wait to go to my next big crop and show it off!

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Friday, February 11, 2011

These have got to be my most favorite card set that I've made. I couldn't tell you the materials I used, but I can kinda guess which carts I used. I absolutely love this set and can't seem to part with it no matter how many times I've tried to talk myself into giving it away.

Hello Cupcake - Home Decor, Alphalicious
Cherry On Top - I can't seem to find this cut, but I know its a cricut cart
Yummy - Indie Art
One in a Melon - Doodlecharms
Sweet - Graphically Speaking

Feel free to lift all you want :)

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Texas Is My Home

I am a Texan and Proud to be! I was born and raised here. I actually live in the TX Panhandle. Only left a handfull of times. But Texas is a really neat place to live. We have all kinds of climates here from tropical down by the gulf, wooded areas near dallas and lousianna border to dry up here in the panhandle and everything in between. We are the second largest state in the US after Alaska and the second most populated state after California. Main industries here are petrolium, cattle, farming, and oil in the gulf. The state bird is the Mocking Bird which is weird because we don't have many of them around here. There are more found in Oklahoma than here, LOL.
I live in Amarillo, TX. We are known as the Helium Capital of the world. It is very flat here. As you can see in the picture below, you can see for MILES! This picture is of Cadillac Ranch. It's located just outside of town. There is a man here named Stanley Marsh and does the weirdest things around town, including putting random signs in peoples yards. We have one in our yard that says "Ready, Set, Go!" They are EVERYWHERE! He also put in this cadillac ranch and has a boulder pool table on his property made of boulders and tree logs for pool cues. These are REAL cadillacs stuck in the ground and people can go out there and climb on them and write all over them.

We also are home to the second largest canyon in the US. This is located about 15 min outside of Amarillo. It's really neat to see all the different layers of history out there. There have been dinosoar bones found, there is still an old home dwelling that was dugout the side of a hill for people to look at, and every summer they put on a play called TEXAS that tells the history of the area. It's really neat!

The place I really want to visit is Greece. My husband and I are really into Greek mythology and would just die to get to spend a week in Greece. We're trying to plan for a trip for our 15th anniversary. I love the cultures there and the area is just BEAUTIFUL! I'm not sure I'd come home if we made it there, LOL. But this is def somewhere I want to go. The first thing I would do is spend one hour just sitting on the rocks taking it all in. The second? Swimming! Then check out the temples and eat some of the greek foods from there.
A close second is Rome. Just like greek mythology, we are also into the roman history. Not the myth's but the gladiator's and the origins of christianity, etc. I would love to walk the streets and just breathe in all that history.
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Cricky Across the 50 Blog Hop!

Hey all! Welcome to the Cricky Across the 50 Blog Hop! I am typing to you now with a kitty laying across both my arms looking at the keyboard wondering why I'm not petting him instead of pounding the keys. Well for once, the blog is much more important than kitty rub down time. You should have come here from
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I'm super excited about this blog hop! It's the largest I've ever been in or even seen online! And there are so many amazing prizes to be won! Not to mention my own blog candy!!!! I know, you're totally excited too right? Without further ado, dah da da daaaaah -

Set of Copic Markers

Which will include
B93, B95, YR14, YR18, Y15, and Y17!

I'll post a pic soon. If you are the winner and you already have these, I'll have a list of backup colors just incase for you to choose from. These are my absolutely most used markers. The blues are awesome for making blue jeans. The yellows and oranges are what I use to make my red and yellow hair as seen in my first post today. Yes you read it right, I'm posting many throughout today and tomorrow and sunday! As I said, I'll post a pic of the markers very soon.
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My absolute favoritest project that I've made lately is this card.

I used the markers listed above for the hair. This image is a free digi stamp at They have some of the cutest stamps I've ever seen. I also stitched the sides with red embroidery ribbon. I don't do this often but felt this was the perfect image for some hand stitching.

As I said, more projects to come soon!

Here is the line up for this weekend....

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

These are a few necklaces that I made today. The green one and the black and white one belong to my best friend. She bought the green one and didn't like the colors the way they were so I changed a few things, added all the browns. The zebra cross was WAY too short so I extended it for her by adding the silver beads and large clear beads. I'm really hoping she likes them.

1st Ever Blog Hop

Hey all, I've decided to host my first blog hop. I participated in my first one a few months ago and loved it so much. I would like to up my follower count and meet some new friends. And what better way to do this than to host my own blog hop? If you are interested, please email me at and let me know what your web addy is so I can add you to the list. I don't think it will be a long one, probably will keep it to the first 11 (12 including me) that message me.
The theme...stamping! You can use any stamp (digi, acrylic, rubber, etc.) however you must be able to identify what it is (ie, house-mouse, paper studio) or where we can get it ourselves. Everything else is fair game.
The dates will be Fri. March 4th - Sun March 6th. I will have some major blog candy posted that friday morning that participants will have a chance to win. I hope you all will join me :)
- Krista