Sunday, September 11, 2011

Autumn is Here day two!

Welcome to day two of the Autumn is here hop! If anyone noticed yesterday, I completely misunderstood the theme of this blog, LOL. And since the house was full of kids last night and I have a wedding to attend today, I didn't have time to make a project. So I thought about what "Autumn" reminds me of and for me it's the fair. We love the fair around here.  Last year the kids were all old enough to enjoy it and the pics really were great. I created this layout from our trip last year :)

 The title is from Plantin School book and the tickets and ferris wheel are from Summer Vacation.

I cut each of the photos down then sanded the edges and backed them in white cardstock. Then pop dotted them to give them the illusion of a 3D ferris wheel.

I darkened the edges of the tickets to make them a little distressed.
I love the way this layout turned out. Hope it inspires you to create something fun with your autumn pics.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Autumn is Here! Blog Hop

Welcome to the August Back to School hop hosted by Kathryn. If you did not start at the beginning, I suggest you start over there at her blog....

This is stop # 10! So glad you joined us. I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do for this blog but when my chidren came home for the first day of school and just threw their bags on the floor, a light bulb went off! We now have a foyer that we can finally have our own BACKPACK STATION!

As you can see, there are three crates and since I have 3 kids this is perfect for putting bags in.  I need to find another crate seeing as how my nephew always comes over :) So his bag is on the floor next to it.  As soon as they walk in, they take their folders out, place them in the bin on the left so that I (the mom) can ck them after dinner. If they have homework, then I'll know soon enough if they didn't do it. I also have my daughter place her shoes in her bin. She's notorious for loosing them.

I found these amazing magazine holders from a dr office at a thrift store this past weekend.  Immediately I thought, BOOKS! I had planned to put this in the boys room but then didn't have a good solution for our library books. This is perfect because it's like having a library shelf at home. I'll go to the library when they are at school and find a few new books, then when they get home, there's something cool that they didn't pick out themselves.  They also place their school library books here too. Don't know how many times we've lost those!

This sign was made using my cricut and the colorbok line from walmart. I took a 4 photo frame (held 4-4x6's) and altered it :)  I painted the outside brown and added all the insides.  I used the Storybook font for all of it.  I'm not a huge fan of these colors but the more I look at it, they grow on me.

I found this great little "school" note on Pinterest a few weeks ago and LOVED the idea.  Don't know how many times I've had to frantically run around the house to find a piece of paper to write the school teacher a note real quick. These were pre designed at 8.5x5.5 size and were color.  To save a little $ I resized them to 4.5x5.5.  Then I added my name and contact info at the bottom before printing so I didn't ahve to write that over and over again.  This form covers everything from absences/tardies, to pick up/leave early details, to $ enclosed and to what it goes to. Then there is a small "other" section. First day of school was hectic enough, but I still had to write out 3 notes to say which bus they needed to ride..... used to take me 10 min to write 3 notes, this took me less than a min for all three kids!!! Def recommend this printable.

These are my altered mini notebooks from the Dollar Store. I added some cardstock, patterned paper from scraps, and names and *walla*, instantly personalized book journals.  When someone gets a new book from the library or school, I have them write down the name of the book and I write the title. This away when I look on the floor and see "Dora" books thrown about and not where they go, I know whos' responsible for it. ALSO, my kids take the AR test at school, sometimes they forget the # or the title before they get to school. Now the older ones can take their ittle notebook that has all the details written down and there is no more forgetting!

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Kids

I scraplifted this from Scrapbooks Etc. Magazine. Don't remember the issue, just copied the sketch down and stuck it in my book. I love the way it turned out. I can really get used to these earth tones and loving the grey. Thanks for looking :)

Words to live by album

Embrace, all of it. Whenever I can. Even though I'm not a sports gal, I still embrace life in my own way. So glad I was able to use the acrylic letters on this page.
That moment in time when your soul finds it's mate. It flutters, it tries to deny but knows there's no use, and finally conceeds. Then uses everything in it's arsenol to cling to it's mate. That moment is the moment you walked into my life and never left!
This page was more difficult than I imagined. Everything used to make this page was indeed FREE. No cost to me. The patterned paper was a gift, the scrabble tiles were from my mother who bought a scrabble game and found it was incomplete and gave me the pieces. The journal tag is actually a paint chip. The blue jean strip is from an old pair of jeans that I tore up because they were useless anyway. And the stamp was a prize I won at a crop a while back and I used white cardstock from my scraps pile. The only thing I actually paid for would be the ink :)
I live my life behind a camera. I love to photograph anything and everything. It's important to me for memories to be documented. I live for that perfect shot that tells the story. The whole story with simple details. And with that shot, there's tangible proof that lives were LIVED!
The font is from Opposite's Attract.
Cherish page... probably my favorite page so far. Journaling reads, "Do you know how much I cherish you? The smiles, the giggles, the attitudes, the surprises, the love, the laughter, and all the rest. I may not have told you before but I do, with all my heart.... I cherish you. Because you gave me them. You gave me my life and I cherish that. I love you Heath.". This is a statement to my husband who without I would not be who I am nor have a reason to wake up in the morning :)
I kept this one sweet and simple with one of my favorite quotes. No journaling from me, just a photo and quote. Easy and to the point.
I know I listed a lot of pages here, this would be for the last 6 days in my 12 day journey. Tomorrow will be the last day :( I'm so sad to see it end but super excited to finish my album and place it in the living room for the kids to read!

Cricut Class

After many months of people asking when I'm going to host a cricut class I have finally decided, now's the time! My first class will be Sunday, Sept. 25th at 1 p.m. Location TBA (need to know how many people are interested first). The cost is $20 and covers all materials needed (except tools). And as a special for trying out the first month, sign up with a friend and both of you will get $5 off the first class!
The class will focus on ONE specific cartridge each month and you'll have a whole month notice to get the next cartridge if you do not already have it and want to participate. If you wanna share with someone, that is fine too, however it is better if you have your own machine and cart.
Each class we will make 2- 12x12 layouts (one double, one single) and two cards. I will also share tips and give handouts that will have more ideas to use with that particular cartridge. If you do not want to attend the class, but want to purchase just the handouts, they are available AFTER the class date for $2.
The first cartridge we will explore is a must have.... Plaintin Schoolbook! If you do not have this cart, George & Shapes will work as well since we will be going on a lot of basics and using shapes that are on both carts. If you do not have either and don't have someone you can borrow it from or share with at the class, they do sell it on Ebay starting at $15 and up! That's very reasonable.
I hope you'll consider joining us for the first class! Contact me via call or text at 806.674.0465 or email me at I'm really excited about this class!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

All night crop completed....

This is one of my favorite pictures and when I found this journaling in a print advertisement booklet I knew exactly which photo I was going to use. This is my daughter and my grandmother (her great grandmother). I'm very lucky to have been able to spend as much time as I have with my grandmother and that my kids have gotten to know her. The paper is from Creative Memories and was part of our goodie bags from last night! So stinkin' cute!
As you can see, I spent some time on my daughters photos last night. This sketch is from scrapbooks etc magazine and I'm so happy with the way it turned out. Love these colors.
Willow and her ball. These butterflies were just perfect for her so I created this page around them :) The journaling was an interesting addition. I wanted to use this really skinny journal strip down the side of the page but it's much too small to do any kind of real journaling. SOOOOOO, I just picked 10 words that came to mind when looking at the photos and accented a few of them. There are perfect for her.
And last, Cam my handyman :) I've had these photos for over a year now and I had no idea what to do with them. When I had them printed from walmart I had a border added so that I didn't have to distress them myself. This made it extra difficult when making my page cause i didn't want to crop any of the photos. Had to leave the borders on. I think it turned out great though. I used "boys will be boys" cart on this for the hammer, screwdriver, and arrow font. I can't wait to show it to Cam, he's going to love it.


Give, Day 5 of the festival and the word is Give. One of the things I love to give is the gift of a song. I sing to my kids when they are sad or hurt, or when it's bedtime. I sing to my husband sometimes in the most obnoxious ways, LOL. And a few years ago when my sister graduated high school and I didn't have a dime to spend on a grad present, I sang to her a song about family and people always being there. I feel it meant more to her than anything I could have picked up in a store cause it was from my heart. So, here's my page about "give".

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Day 3 and I'm cruisin' right along just fine. Even had time to make my title page :) Still haven't figured out how I'm going to tie it all together in an album but hey, I'm still cruisin' aren't I? Our word today is "less" and at first I went HUH? then WHAT? then AHA! Sorry for the blurry photos, I was in a hurry and didn't realize they were so blurry when I took them.
Journaling on "less" tag..... One thing about growing up in a family of 6 was that there was always "less". Less money, less clothes, less room, less tme to yourself, less food left, less of much, much more. However, compared to the other things, we never had less love, less laughter, less people to talk to, less of the little things. I'm so happy & blessed to have shared my life a little "less" with awesome people.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Day 2 in the 12 day Festival! And the word is Wonder :) Immediately I knew I what I like to wonder about. Then puzzle came to mind, why not use PUZZLE PIECES for my title!!! Then I wanted to add photos but because this is a 6x6 there wasn't much room. So I added a mini album to my mini page, bwahahahaha! Love the way this turned out.
I painted the puzzle pieces a light yellow and added a brown streak to age them a little. Then my mini album is cut to 2.5" wide and folded accordian style to add my 3 photos. Super easy!

Monday, August 15, 2011


I'm participating in the Big Idea Festival over at Big Picture Scrapbooking! Over the course of 12 days they are doing great give aways, challenges, and have guest scrappers coming to share their inspiration!!! Today's word of the day challenge is "share". We have to come up with a layout using this word. Amy Tan (amy tangerine) is the guest designer today and she's amazing! Who else is participating??? If you haven't signed up yet, head over there now! It's free :)