Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sucker for Suckers!

HEHE, my niece Claire has found a new love in life...... Dum Dum Suckers. I have timed her and she can get down 5 in 10 minutes - WOW. I'm thinking this was worthy of a scrapbook page. I added my own hand written stitching around the outside and a few brads to sum it all up! I love the colors of this. I got my inspiration from an ad shown on the left! My challenge for you is to use an ad to get inspired, use the layout or the colors or the simple idea of it. Have fun!

Happiness Is......

you guessed it.... family! I LOVE collages and always forget to do one when I've got lots of photos laying around. These are just random photos that I had left over. I also used a new item that I had never used before..... scrabble tiles! I picked up a used game at the thrift store last week for $.89 and decided to use the tiles for titleing. I'm so excited to use them again. My challenge for you is to use a bunch of photos to create a collage of some sort. You can cover the ENTIRE page, make a shape like I did, or whatever you think would be awesome! Have fun, be sure to leave me a comment and show me your work as well, thanks.!

Friday, February 22, 2008


When my nephew was born, he was diagnosed with a rare disorder called "PKU". It basically prevents him from being able to break down Protein in everyday foods. It's been a real struggle from my sister and her husband since he had to change his entire diet, can't eat the things healthy people can, and the formula was EXPENSIVE! The nearest clinic that could give any help at all was 500+ miles away. But, they've adjusted, researched, and figured out ways around it. Logan is almost 3 now and is just as happy and energetic as other children. I decided to do something different than just naming this page after his disorder. His disorder's abreviation is... PKU. I thought the title, Precious Keeper Unique, was a much better idea! My challenge for you is to choose a word that describes someone and change the description! Make it goofy, make it serious, do what ever you want. Think outside the box though and you can't go wrong!


I found this great poem by Shel Silverstein that's perfect for my middle child, Camron. It says....

There is a voice inside of you
That whispers all day long!
"I feel that this is right for me!
I feel that this is wrong"

No teacher, preacher, parent, or friend
Or wiseman can decide
What's right for you - just listen to
The voice that speaks inside!

My oldest son took this photo and I feel it shows curiosity and the brain at work. So......... I titled this page "Think and Listen". My challenge for you is to find a poem that you love and use it for the journaling on a layout. Even if it has nothing to do with the photo, it can be a very powerful message.

Rockstar Baby

Give her a mic and a few groupies and this girl has got it all! My daughter was showing of her new sunglasses and I just couldn't resist the ole cliche! My challenge for you is to take a photo of your child with one of their favorite toys, accessories, games, whatever and scrapbook it. Have them do something silly, show a different side! I think you'll have lots of fun like I did!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Great Egg Hunt

I found this layout in a magazine a while back. I really love how they took 3 photos and made the 4th larger. I'll never forget this day. The paper I used is perfect for the mood that I wanted to create. I believe it's Paper Studio. I especially like the stamps that I used here, they are foam stamps from Walmart and they are double sided. One side stamps regular "easter egg" and the other side is the negative in a circle "s".


While taking photos of the local community theatre that I am a member of, I snapped this awesome photo of Shawn juggeling. I love how the light just alluminates him. My challenge for you is to take a photo playing with light on your subject.

Being born the oldest in the family has made me realize how precious my siblings are to me. I was never close to my sisters but I still love them very much. Here is a page of my sister, LeAnna, who's 3 years younger than me. I love this photo of her, I feel it really shows the fun side of her. I tried to keep this page really plain and focus mostly on the photo. I think I've done it justice. My challenge for you is to find a photo that speaks volumes to you and scrap it! I think you'll be surprised what you can come up with!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sketches Galore!

If you're like me, you enjoy a road map before you even begin to plan your trip. I'm the same way when it comes to sbing. I like to find a sketch that I love before I start the process of creating the page. It comes from anywhere, a magazine, a website, a challenge given in a date at Cafemom. But I've found that making my own can be fun as well. Here are a few that I made a few weeks ago and might help get the creative juices flowing.