Friday, February 22, 2008


When my nephew was born, he was diagnosed with a rare disorder called "PKU". It basically prevents him from being able to break down Protein in everyday foods. It's been a real struggle from my sister and her husband since he had to change his entire diet, can't eat the things healthy people can, and the formula was EXPENSIVE! The nearest clinic that could give any help at all was 500+ miles away. But, they've adjusted, researched, and figured out ways around it. Logan is almost 3 now and is just as happy and energetic as other children. I decided to do something different than just naming this page after his disorder. His disorder's abreviation is... PKU. I thought the title, Precious Keeper Unique, was a much better idea! My challenge for you is to choose a word that describes someone and change the description! Make it goofy, make it serious, do what ever you want. Think outside the box though and you can't go wrong!

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