Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fair 2010

I know this is kinda out of season but hey, its here! I actually made the page 4 months ago and just now printed and added the photos. I really like it. Sorry they uploaded backwards. I meant them to be in reverse.

I pop dotted the photos to make them stand off the ferris wheel a little more.

I used Summer Vacation Cricut Cart and Plaintin Schoolbook Cricut Cart. I can't wait to show it off at the next cricut class.


Karelj said...

I haven't scrapped my fair pictures from last summer yet, either! I may have to lift a few design elements from you--love that ferris wheel. Just a fun aside, the town I grew up in, Jacksonville, Illinois, is home to the Eli Bridge Company, where they make Ferris Wheels and other amusement park rides! Stop by and see all the fun stuff coming up on One By One The Flamnigos Are Stealing My Sanity at when you have time!

Krista said...

feel free to lift all you want. i was totally stoked when i came up with this idea.