Monday, March 14, 2011

Papaw's Shop Sign

This was a project towards my Craft it Forward 2011. I made this for my father who recently just built his shop. I knew he would love something to hang in there. I found the quote at Hobby Lobby on one of their metal signs and knew it was perfect. Using Plantin Schoolbook and Modgepodge this sign was whipped up in a jiffy. I started with an old wooden plaque I found at a thrift store for $.50. I sanded it slightly so the paint would adhere, then painted it with two coats of chocolate brown. I cut the letters all from Plantin. "Papaw's shop" is roly poly and the rest is tall ball. Then I cut the tree landscape out of green textured cardstock. You have to work quickly with modgepodge and in short sections so I pasted down each line one at a time. After everything was pasted down and dried I put two more coats of modgepodge on the top to make it really durable. My dad LOVED it! Now I need to make my mom one for her kitchen.

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Sweet Magnolia Rose said...

How Cool!!! I love this sign.